• Image of Bracket Vol. 01: Craft
  • Image of Bracket Vol. 01: Craft
  • Image of Bracket Vol. 01: Craft

The inaugural issue features 16 individuals from around the world who have championed craft.

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Foreword by Duane King
"In our rush to do things better, faster, and cheaper we've lost our way. Typically, the more time you put into something, the better it becomes. And the better it becomes, the more you can charge for it. But as speed and efficiency become the primary criteria for the judgment of productivity, it becomes more and more difficult for many to justify craftsmanship. C. Wright Mills, an influential and radical social theorist and critic of twentieth century America noted, "As tool becomes machine, man is estranged from the intellectual potentialities and aspects of work; and each individual is routinized in the name of increased and cheaper per unit productivity."

Aaron Rose (US)
Christine J. Brandt (US)
Cmmnwlth (US)
Frank Chimero (US)
Geoff Mcfetridge (US)
Ian Anderson (UK)
Jason Gregory (US)
Jessica Hische (US)
KarlssonWilker (US)
KesselsKramer (NL)
Mary & Matt (US)
Mihoko Ouchi (US)
Mike & Yuri Abelson (JP)
Rockin' Jelly Bean (JP)
Stanley Donwood (UK)
Tommy Guerrero (US)

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